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15% off: The Pursuit Package (Code: GUIDELY) The Pursuit of Forgiveness 2.0: Unlocking Pragmatic Forgiveness eBook & Forgiveness Process Recordings, The Pursuit of More: Get what you want from life. eBook, Forgetting to Remembering meditation for working through and healing emotional baggage.

Offered by Melissa Reese
Holistic Practitioner: NLP, Hypnotherapy, Break Through Coaching, Jikiden Reiki, The Pursuit Guru

Own Your Feminine Strength - 4 week online program - 50% off!!! Use code Guidely

Offered by Rin Nelson
Spiritual Living Guide, Live. Your. Journey

50% off of either a "Synergy of Success Coaching Session" - OR - a "Synergy Energy Session"

Offered by Dr. Morgan Oaks
High Performance Coach | Shamanic Practitioner

10% off your Soul Discovery Session

When you book your Soul Discovery Session you will receive 10% off the price. In this 60 minute session we focus on one issue you have in your life at the moment that is causing chaos, leaving you sleepless at night & in overwhelm and get you back to centre.

During the session: We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the outcome you want in your life and breakfree of your limitations You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your way to finding your light & purpose And you’ll leave the session peaceful, calm & inspired

Offered by Trish Rock
Intuitive Guide for Aware Women, Spiritual Guide | Psychic | Mentor | Author | Speaker

Get the Invoking the Archangels online course for $88 that is a savings of $56 for the week online course.

Details: Course Description Every person can, at any moment, call upon not only one Archangel but seven specific Archangels to bring blessings and protection… you just need to learn how to ask. In this Online course, Sunny Dawn Johnston will show you how to call out to each individual Archangel, to know them by name, and to develop your own special relationship with each and every one of them. Sunny will detail the personalities, gifts, and traits of each of the seven Archangels, and help you form a clear picture of the abundant energy, vibration, and unconditional love that each of the Archangels have for us. TOPICS COVERED Learn how to discern the difference between Angels, Archangels, Deceased Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters Develop a personal relationship with the Archangels Trust the guidance that you are receiving Transform your life from physical to spiritual Realize who you truly are at your deepest level Connect with the energy of Healing, Beauty, Protection, Love, Forgiveness, Communication, and Vision Develop your intuitive gifts Understand the messages the Angels are sharing with you During the 8 weeks of this course you will receive an opportunity to… See, hear, feel and know that the Archangels are with you always and in all ways Experience the unconditional love the Archangels have for you Listen to several guided meditations to support your ever growing Angelic relationship Experience the Archangels through music and lyrics that literally “bring in” the energy of the Archangels Know the who, what, where, when and why’s of the Archangels Have your own personal experience with each one of the Archangels… so that there is no doubt that not only do they exist, but that they are with you, each and every day CHANGES YOU CAN INTEGRATE INTO YOUR LIFE AFTER TAKING THIS COURSE: Increased awareness of the Divine Angelic “synchronicities” occurring in your life and how to interpret them Improved presence of mind to ask for and be open to assistance and guidance in all forms, physical and non-physical A calm peaceful centering that comes from knowing “I am not alone” A deepening awareness and passion to live life to the fullest


Section 1: Week One: Welcome to Invoking the Archangels Introduction to Invoking the Archangels Invoking the Archangels Section Exercise Meeting Your Guardian Angel Working with the Archangels Worksheet Affirmation Homework

Section 2: Week Two: Archangel Michael Introduction to Archangel Michael Archangel Michael Section Exercise Grounding and Connecting The Invocation Meditation Music Affirmation Homework: Maintaining Your Energy

Section 3: Week Three: Archangel Jophiel Introduction to Archangel Jophiel Archangel Jophiel Section Exercise Audio: Healing Music Affirmation Homework: Activate the Beauty of Creativity

Section 4: Week Four: Archangel Chamuel Introduction to Archangel Chamuel Archangel Chamuel Section Exercise Audio: Healing Music Affirmation Homework: Experience Chamuel’s Loving Energy

Section 5: Week Five: Archangel Gabriel Introduction to Archangel Gabriel Archangel Gabriel Section Exercise Affirmation Homework: Communication with Self Positive Affirmation Meditation

Section 6: Week Six: Archangel Raphael Introduction to Archangel Raphael Archangel Raphael Section Exercise Healing Music Meditation Affirmation Homework: Body & Health

Section 7: Week Seven: Archangel Uriel Introduction to Archangel Uriel Archangel Uriel Section Exercise Connect with the Archangels Meditation Affirmation Homework: Clarity, Vision and Insight

Section 8: Week Eight: Archangel Zadkiel Introduction to Archangel Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel Section Assignment Healing Music Meditation Affirmation Homework: Forgiveness

Offered by Sunny Dawn Johnston
Visionary, Sunny Dawn Johnston

10% OFF Products and Ritual Kits

Offered by Rebecca Prephan, MA
Speaker, Guide, Divine Goddess Moon Circles

Stress can suppress our immune system by as much as 70%. Learn how to instantly relieve stress and boost immunity. Are you stressed? Anxious? Overmedicated? Do You Need a Drink? Can you feel the tension in your body? Are you currently having trouble with the fear that seems to be all around us, on the news and social media? Do you just want things to slow down so you can catch up? Perhaps you have thought about meditation and decided it wasn't for you, found it was too difficult. Maybe you just don't see how 10-15 minutes is going to actually create any real difference. You rather just relax with a glass of wine. Let me tell you why this will make all that go away, but can create so much more amazing things for you. Did you know that meditation can shrink the area in the brain that causes fear and anxiety? Did you know that meditation has been shown to improve health and boost the immune system? Did you know that the effects are long term even when not meditating? Did you know it can help you heal? The scientific benefits of meditation are far and wide more beneficial than you ever imagined. It is an amazing tool and if you have never done it, you will find it very simple to start after this class. If you have been practicing for years you will find this class will show a new side to meditation and ways to use it to create, grow, thrive, heal, and dive deeper into your practice. Lesson 1 - Why meditation can change your life. The science behind an over 5000 year old tradition and why it is now in the largest companies across the globe. Lesson 2 - Breathing and the power your breath has in your life to create relaxation, energy and stress reduction. Lesson 3 - Your Senses. How to impact your meditation with visual guidance, audio guidance, and sound to enhance your meditation and give it more depth. Lesson 4 - Purpose and visualization. How meditation can be directed to create healing, change, growth and whatever you desire. Here is what I promise you about this course. You will have Fun! You will find it Easy! You will learn something New! You will be able to create a new practice that will change your life! On a personal note ~ I created this course because meditation has been one of the most impactful tools I have ever used in my life. I spent years struggling with meditation. I decided to give it another go after hearing Joe Dispenza on stage. He walked without surgery after crushing several vertebrae when he was struck by a car. I figured if he could heal his back I could at a minimum reduce some headaches. I have never looked back. You will feel the same after this class! Join me and let's start your journey toward Bliss by getting you ZEN AF! Once you buy your ticket you will receive a link for the online event, it is Sept 1. Very excited for you to learn more and transform from the inside out. Use Discount Code GUIDELY

Offered by Brooke Walker
Bliss Boss, 100 Years of Bliss

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Offered by

10% off my 4-week Intensive Program; Just the Queen Essentials! ($300 value but you will get all the goods for just $180)

Offered by Ashley Smith
Feminine Wellness Coach, Forming Her


Offered by Patricia Drain

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Offered by Alicia Love
Mindfulness Guide, Mindful Spirit Coaching

Connect with Aaron Bare on social media and on his website to get exclusive Guidely discounts for services going forward.

Offered by Aaron Bare
Founder, Namaste Republic

Step into your soul's purpose with a beautiful, unique visual map. Yes, a map to your soul's destiny. Receive 10% off your Intuitive Art Session with Haley and discover your life's purpose today.

Offered by Haley Hoover
Intuitive Artist + Creative Success Coach, The Sparkling Hippie

2 months free membership ($60 value) in our Joyful Lightweavers group MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Membership Call: One 60-90 minute live call to answer your personal questions on personal healing, business practice, ascension symptoms, relationships and your pain points. Concludes with a group activation. Recorded replay available. Chat feature enabled. New Earth Consciousness Call: One 60-90 minute live recorded call on the membership matrix upgrades, attunements and initiations to help the membership evolve, expand and align with the Unified Field of Oneness and New Earth Consciousness. Q & A and guided meditation. Chat feature enabled. Free Content: At least one free MP3 recording every month from my activations library valued at $20-$50 each Huge Discounts: 40% discount on multi-part Online Series More Discounts: 40% discount on New and Full Moon online events valued at $20-$33 each and most new products added. Private Session Discounts: $60 discount on phone & in person Private Sessions Vortex Discounts: $100 discount on Asheville Sacred Hike package valued at $397 special pricing per person, 4 total hours with recorded vortex activation Free downloads: QL Poster image valued at $25 *Bonus Giveaway: One member each month will be selected for a free 60-minute recorded phone session.

Offered by Kenji Kenji Kumara, M.A.
CEO/Founder, Quantum Lightweaving LLC

Soul Growth Starter - Align with Your Natural Energy - Live Your Life in Flow with the Universe!

Offered by Ulrika Sullivan
Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, See Your Life in a New Light

$100 Gift Certificate that can be used toward private coaching with Jaitara or toward any of her upcoming coaching programs. Valid for 6 months.

Offered by Jaitara Jayde
Mama Goddess & Mentor, Feminine Artistry & Sacred Sexuality

$100 off the Power of the Sabrosura online program for female leaders and change-makers wanting to learn how to embody their femininity. Use promo code: guidelysummit. Valid till August 31st 2020.

Offered by Chen Lizra
Founder, Speaker, Somatic Coach, Power of Somatic Intelligence

$100 off my signature private coaching experience, the Zero to Zen Pathway

Offered by Rebekah Wall
Conscious Parenting Coach, Human Design Guide, Zero to Zen Coaching

20% off your registration to Effortless Meditation for Mindful Families - Helping moms cultivate compassionate, conscious, and connected families and relationships.

Offered by Keli Carpenter
Founder, The Other Side of Average-Therapy for the Soul

10 % of Stress rescue Package

Offered by Yadiksha Hari
Healer , Guide & Teacher in Empowerment, Resonate Inner Peace

1st lesson of the Attunement Meditation course free

Offered by Dr. Andrea Pennington
Founder, Real Self Love Movement

$100 Off for the first 10 participants. 75 minute individual counseling session with Anil for $250.00 [$350.00 original price]

Offered by Anil Chandwani
Founder, The RESET CODE

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