Dawne Warner

Dawne Warner

Dawne's professional experience in business and people relations has allowed her to be a change agent for creating harmonious, engaged and productive work dynamics. Whether she was working with large or mid-size organizations, she has always supported and coached others to create positive and compassionate relationships where conflict prevailed. Dawne has worked closely with individuals, leaders and all levels of management in administration, government, human resources, customer service and hospitality. Her keen sense of people and strategic business savvy has helped leaders and individuals learn how to become keen observers, build healthy relationships, and achieve the results they desire. Whether Dawne is working with large groups, teams or one-on-one, she always inspires people to strive for their personal best in a compassionate and collaborative manner. Education: B.A. in Sociology; Ontological Coaching Certificate; Usui Reiki (level 3); Lightarian Reiki (level 6); Karuna Reiki

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I believe we were born as unique individuals with our own inherent beliefs. As we grew, we learned beliefs and perceptions that shaped our present reality.

Throughout my youth, I was not aware of this. All I knew was that I was constantly troubled and confused by the amount of fear and harm we inflicted on others and ourselves.

It made no sense to me!

I was always protected, but at the time, I did not see it that way. Since as young as I can remember, I always talked to God and I believed that if I focused on the goodness in others, saw the amazing wonders of our world, I could help bring peace and happiness to anyone I encountered. However, by the age of 20, it was taking a great toil on me and it was becoming too painful to keep trying. After my Mom died in a car accident and my grandmother died of cancer 3 days before our shared birthday, I became so angry with God. I shut down… I gave up, I quit believing and retreated into the darkness. For close to 15 years, I lived life feeling powerless, hopeless and not worthy.

It took my son’s birth to spur my awakening. His gift to me was unconditional love, faith, knowing and re-connection to spirit and to myself.

By learning how to love ourselves deeply; to have compassion for ourselves wholly; and by accepting responsibility for all our choices, we can begin to create the world we wish to live in. As you know, every stone dropped in water, creates its own wave effect. Now imagine thousands of stones dropping into water simultaneously. As each wave grows and expands, it impacts others. Like the stone, each of us cause harm to others and ourselves when we allow our negative beliefs and fears to rule our lives. When we see the world as it is and allow ourselves to rule by creating positive beliefs or perceptions, we can heal the world and ourselves. When we learn to love ourselves, have compassion for our circumstances while holding ourselves accountable for the decisions/choices that created our life, we become powerful and our light expands and impacts others.

As I began my remembering, I did not know how or where to start. Despite this, I found the courage to choose to live my life in a more loving and positive way; the life I wanted for my son. The more persistent I became at not fitting into the social construct that desperately tried to change me and hold me in fear, the more at peace I became, and the support and resources I needed began to show up once again.

I have come to realize the battle is not against humanity…. The battle is against the darkness that lives within us. As each person realizes this truth, we will begin to take our world back.

We cannot do it alone anymore! We need to support one another as we remember the truth.

My desire is to create a global wave of Active Compassion.

I am here to support and guide people who have weathered corporate structures, shifting norms, the chaos of today’s living, and who want to learn how to step into their deserving mandate to make a powerful difference in the world.

I offer workshops, speaking and one-on-one support for those who do not know where they belong – but know they want to heal, learn, grow and be of service.

Humanity awaits your gifts. Are you ready?

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