Marc DiFrancia

Marc DiFrancia

Marc Cooper-DiFrancia is the Founder and CEO of Inner Guidance Intuitive Development (aka Creative Self Mastery). For over a decade, Marc has been restoring people to their intuition, mentoring people on the path to their creative self-mastery, and teaching team building and leadership skills in business. His direct, no-nonsense approach, his innate understanding of structure, and his keen insights into human behavior combine to make him a powerful coach, mentor, and speaker. Marc, together with his team of superior coaches at Creative Self Mastery, has worked diligently to lead people to their true nature and highest purpose, and raise the consciousness of the planet.

Creative Self-Mastery Facilitator
Inner Guidance Intuitive Development

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There are very few things that satisfy me as much as watching that moment when it all 'clicks into place' for a client. Usually, a client comes to me knowing that something is working diligently to keep them from reaching their true potential as lover, parent, friend, and co-worker (that would be their "Hairy Bullshit") but they don't have the first clue as to how to move past that. Together we embark on a hero's journey that is designed to have them die to the old identity that is holding them back and restore them to their true nature as a Conscious Creator. There are many powerful insights and discoveries made along this journey and helping people understand them fuels my sense of purpose. But, invariably along the way, there's that one big "Ah-ha" moment when the penny drops and it all clicks into place; that moment when the door opens and the client transforms from dysfunctional creator to Creative Self Master. In this moment, their lives are forever changed; they are free to create the life they would LOVE TO LIVE and move into service to the greater good...I have the honor and privilege of witnessing this moment time-and-time again. It gives me great personal joy and tremendous hope for mankind when I see people consciously assuming the role as the predominant creative force in their lives. That is our Destiny and leading people to it is what I came here to do. My name is Marc Cooper-Difrancia and I have dedicated my life to elevating the collective consciousness of this planet.

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