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Processing Change - 8 Key Steps to Deeply Enjoy the Freedom of Living Aligned with Nature and Human Nature

A Talk by Udo Erasmus Author, Speaker, Health Industry Pioneer, DHI Designing Health Inc. Visit site

What we deep down in our hearts ache for is something that has always been, is now, and will always be already present within the space our body occupies. Instead of looking INTO it, we look away from it, and so we miss it and feel discontent. This feeling of discontent informs our thoughts, words and actions, and the self-created messes we live in is the predictable result.

Like never before in history, we are under pressure to take responsibility to change into a more harmonious state of being. Only by doing so will we change the thinking, speaking and doing into a sustainable world that works for all its inhabitants at the expense of none. If we don’t work to make it work for all, those for whom it does not work will eventually make sure that it does not work for those for whom at present it does work.

The journey into empowerment is based on knowledge of and steps to live aligned with nature and human nature. Most of it is homework—work we do at home in our own being.

What we discover in the process taking the 8 key steps will bring us the feelings of peace, freedom, deep joy, contentment, lightness, wisdom and being unconditionally loved by life. These feelings are by nature built into us to desire and pursue.

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