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The Wisdom of the Body & Its Ability to Heal

A talk by Chen Lizra
Founder, Speaker, Somatic Coach, Power of Somatic Intelligence

Speaker expertise

Trained in transformational coaching, somatic coaching, embodiment, laban movement analysis (used in movement therapy), 5 rhythms, contact improvisation, Cuban professional dance, martial arts, healing trauma through felt experience, zen meditation (taught in Japan), Tibetan Buddhism, and more.

Our body holds incredible wisdom. When we are able to tap into this wisdom and understand how the body communicates with us, we can heal our traumas and tap into our peak performance.

Instead of numbing and escaping to bad habits, we learn to get present, embodied, grounded, and be with our internal process, even when it's uncomfortable, directly impacting the results in our lives.

In this session we will go over:

What causes trauma. How the body reacts to trauma. How we can heal trauma through the wisdom of our body.

It's a brave journey of meeting ourselves, one that leads to healing and living the truest version of ourselves. Processing our frozen emotions reveals our full potential and allows us to fulfill our purpose.

Add to this playfulness, enjoyment, sensuality, elegance, and intention in an embodied way - and you have a date with your true nature.

Ready to heal and take on your biggest challenge?

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The Executive Resilience Challenge!

This embodied challenge will walk you through the exact steps that develop an unshakable core that will positively impact your career and relationships. * Identifying the root cause of what is holding you back from your peak performance. * I’ll show you how to start processing your emotions that’s been holding you back impacting your peak performance. * Develop an unwavering mindset that sees gifts even in your greatest challenges. * Empowering you to achieve your greatest goals and purpose. You’ll discover that those that thrive in business and life have a good support system and see opportunities, even during unprecedented times. While some get overwhelmed and even shut down, others tap into opportunity, work with their capabilities, and 10x their success, take centre stage, and consciously profit. The acceptance, energy, and momentum you will feel from being met where you are during the challenge, will create sustainable momentum in your life and will ignite transformation. I'll be with you for 4 days, holding space for you to powerfully transform!!

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