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Consciousness & Healing Stress

A talk by Kenji Kenji Kumara, M.A.
CEO/Founder, Quantum Lightweaving LLC

Speaker expertise

50 years in the field of Energy Consciousness, Transformation & Energy Medicine. M.A. Education, BA Psychology, M.A. Para Psychology, teaching credentials K-6 and Reiki master/teacher. Many credentials and initiations in meditation, energy work, bodywork and spiritual psycho-therapeutics. Specialty is spiritual emergence and awakening, New Earth consciousness, mind-body integration, spiritual coaching, New Millennial generation support and studies in holistic education, transpersonal psychology, spiritual counseling, art therapy for kids, western style meditation, hands-on energy work, healing and training retreats and group presentations.

From my 50 years of research into the field of Consciousness, it has become apparent to us that the most effective way to heal what we call "stress and anxiety" in today's world is through the application of Consciousness, that is, energy, vibration and frequencies. Divine Light is your Consciousness. Divine Love is our inherent and innate Divine Intelligence. Divine Sound is the energetic Mover of Consciousness and the application of Light, Love and Sound is the Trinity within Consciousness that creates the change, the shift, the transformation of mind, body, and emotions. Since Energy follows thought, we have the inborn ability to shift matter, the body, the emotions, the mental thoughts that create our reality structure and how we move in the world of form, called daily life. We will directly experience this application in the presentation and in the 5 minutes guided meditation, or activation at the conclusion of this talk. Your cumulative benefits (that are on-going) can be many, both seen and unseen, and can include, but not limited to, greater peace of mind, less effort, miracles and sudden healings and an enhanced felt sense of your divine self and your life purpose clarified. The new millennial generation are encourage to attend, as well as your pets and ancestors, for this evergreen presentation can reach multi-dimensionally through time, space and distance into many realities. In the Quantum world, all things are possible -according to your belief and trust in self.

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Special Planetary Transmission mp3 download

We are in the midst of the great planetary change as we are “witnessing” the fall of the old world matrix of control and domination and the rising of the new earth. How long it takes it up to us all, for right now, our power to manifest is at it’s zenith point. Join me in this spontaneous gathering of lightworkers and lightweavers as we create the kind of new earth that our souls desire. On the 3rd dimension level, it appears, in the illusion, to be chaos, confusion, fear, insecurity and anger. On the higher dimensional levels, there is only positivity, possibility and potential. At this time, we all have the choice to join in union and collectively create the new world of peace and joy. We are all being supported by the hierarchy, angels and devas on the inner realms and they, too, have a plan to restore humanity and Gaia. The realms of light are working to cleanse the collective unconscious of it’s misdeeds and mis-creations, purging the astral realms of it’s darkness so that we here on earth can bring about the golden age of enlightenment. Essentially, we are experiencing a long awaited galactic and planetary reset and upgrade to our next spiral of evolution, for within the chaos will emerge That which will restore the earth to it’s divine destiny. For this to occur, humanity needs to go through a collective healing crisis and emotional purging so the light can begin to shine through the collective chakra system. Whatever happens this year, 2020, know that you are supported no matter what your earth situation looks like, and you will make it through the veil as long as you trust and have faith in the one true God (within). In this 90 minute transmission, we will give you practical tools to navigate through the change and ways to keep your spiritual immune system strong and flexible. Prepare for an awesome recorded activation as we come together as one heart, one mind and one soul. And so it is. All paths, all faiths and all ages are encouraged to attend. This will be the first, of perhaps, many monthly global events to help anchor in the divine light onto the planet and to give solice and comfort to all those souls that are yet to awaken. What People Are Saying “It was soooo good.. You called upon the whole of Heaven and Earth <3 and more… You offered us space to shed any and all shadows / fears.. You left no rock un-turned .. and there by the Grace of God we go forth.. Thank you thank you thank you <3″ – M.H. “Thank you so much for tonight’s activation. So needed and very powerful. I felt such peace after releasing a lot of grief and fear that I didn’t even realize I was holding onto. Can’t really talk much now.. in the bliss zone!” – Stephanie “Wow! Wow! Wow! So powerful. At the conclusion, I felt such peace like I really shifted knowing I got this! Secure that this is why I am here, I have all the training in me to do this and its time to own my power!” – P.L. “Thank you, Kenji, for the wonderful call last night. The call helped bring a hopeful perspective to the current situation and the activation and energies were very strong. I am feeling more peaceful.” – Dianne Originally Recorded Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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