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Addiction, Dependence and Attachment [Psycho/Spiritual Aspects]

A Talk by Nigel Lott Meditation Sans Frontieres Inc., DBA Tea And Zen Visit site


Within this talk you will learn about the psycho/social/spiritual of the dis-ease of addiction and dependency. Chemical, alcohol and drugs but also the destructive elements of dependency to other people in our relationships, to money and other material wealth all driven in essence by the same underlying dynamics.

Looking outside of ourselves to find ourselves again in God's image, not knowing that love, peace and bliss we yearn for is within us, was there before our first breath, is on every breath we take in this life and will be there when breath we take no more.

Rumi, the beautiful Sufi poet puts it rather succinctly when he says, “I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside.” All this time, all this life the great love you have been looking for has been within you, it had never left. "

Importantly, how to break the cycle of addiction. We can learn, remember step by step that what we are looking for is inside us, not just 'out there' If addiction is an outside in action, then recovery from addiction is an investigation to discover the truth within us .......inside out.

You will learn practical, workable solutions to any and all forms of addiction, to map a path out of the suffering that this dis-ease creates. To heal and recover back to the awareness of our original nature by becoming aware of the love, the peace and equanimity within us, that has always been there.

"For you are the letter written by God, you are the mirror that reflects the divine, seek inside for all you want is all you are there is nothing above and beyond." Rumi.

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Nigel Lott

I am a specialist in the fields of addiction, emotional and somatic healing, energetics, breath-work, relationship and communication practice and, the teaching of extra-ordinary meditation practices. In assisting others to come back home to the truth of who they a sense of peace beyond travail. As well I am a natural born empath who uses this ever-evolving gift in empowering others in their process of healing. I have been blessed with a gift, from the beginning of my own process of healing, an ability to inspire and create change in human behavior, in others.

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