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The Synergy of Soul

A talk by Dr. Morgan Oaks
High Performance Coach | Shamanic Practitioner

Speaker expertise

Chiropractor, Certified High Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, and a guy who is deeply committed to your personal growth.

Do you sometimes feel like being awake is more painful than being “asleep”? That you have amazing insights and epiphanies but they don’t quite translate to “real life”? Is your spiritual life separate from your daily life?

For a long time I experienced a separation between what I was passionate about and what my life actually looked like. I know how painful that was and how flat my life felt. That journey brought me to this point of sharing the best of what helped me get out of that place.

During this really interesting time on the planet it is necessary to integrate all that has been learned so that we are completely expressed in all areas of life. The gift of 2020 is the push for this growth. When we fully step into this evolution, The Synergy of Soul begins.

Join me as I share the 3 simple steps to take you from where ever you are today to where your body, mind, and spirit are wanting you to go. All things are one - your career, relationship, health, happiness, abundance, your spiritual life and more. The Synergy you create in this workshop has the power to change every aspect of your life. I look forward to seeing you there!

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The 6 Keys to Living Your Top Life (Video Training) - AND - 30 Minutes of Coaching

Whether you have a PAIN you are wanting to move AWAY from in your life, or a GOAL you are wanting to move TOWARD, what Dr. Morgan is offering is a great way to get clear about the courageous steps you can take immediately and create forward momentum today!

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