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How the hell do I work through guilt?

A talk by Melissa Reese
Holistic Practitioner: NLP, Hypnotherapy, Break Through Coaching, Jikiden Reiki, The Pursuit Guru

Speaker expertise

BA Psychology, Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Break Through Coach, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy Worker, Psych-K Practitioner. Author of 2 books: The Pursuit of Forgiveness 2.0: Unlocking Pragmatic Forgiveness and The Pursuit of More: Get what you want from life.

"Ah, guilt... the oppressive feeling that nags, depletes, and can consume you--lest you make things right, get forgiveness, get validation, get pardoned or excused, and/or somehow erase the memory (or do your damnedest trying). But, will any and all of this set you free from the guilt you store and carry around? Maybe. Sometimes you can make all the efforts in the world to get what you think you need from another in order to be "freed," and still, to no avail, you're strapped, harnessed, riddled with guilt. Maybe the other won't bestow you with what you were looking for to feel better--you are now left wanting, with guilt, and the possible addition of anger and/or resentment. To really deal with guilt, you must first deal with yourself. You must reckon with you, then you can reckon with another--doing what you can to make things right, get forgiveness, etc. If all your efforts yield a zero, at least you are left in a good space and place with yourself--free from guilt. How do you do this? I'll share that with you. Learn: + The distinction between shame and guilt. + How to decline (and never again purchase) the round trip ticket for any guilt trip you may or may not have inadvertently purchased. + How to heal and work through guilt--able to forgive yourself and another, and how to truly experience relief and freedom.

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