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An Introduction to Stress Rescue

A talk by Yadiksha Hari
Healer , Guide & Teacher in Empowerment, Resonate Inner Peace

Speaker expertise

Affiliated with the Modern Mystery School, Accredited Guide, Teacher 1 ( Sacred Geometry 1 , Stress Rescue, Astral Travel, Spiritual Intuition, Awaken Thyself, Teacher 2 ( Sacred Geometry 2 , Journeys of the Spirit, 12 root races) Healers academy Level 1 ( Life Activation, Aura Healing, Max Meditation System Tm) & 2 ( Full Spirit Activation, Shamanic Aura healing, essential Oils Healing, Accupressure, Spark of Life Distant Healing ) Ensofic Reiki in person and distance healing within the Modern Mystery school.

“ Stress the silent killer “ Stress has many side effects leading to physical disease, mind chatter , stagnation. When we understand how stress affects all aspects of our lives, then can we make a change to transform and transmute the route cause resulting in an empowered individual that will have tools and techniques to avoid feeling trapped with future challenges . The benefits are endless, when you shift your focus , you create your reality.

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Categories covered

Breathing Technique to alleviate Stress

We can go through our lives breathing shallow, and accumulating stress within our physical bodies presenting in symptoms that take you to your doctor . This simple breathing technique supports you in inhibiting the stress hormone .

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