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How to Break Free from Overwhelm - 5 Keys to Activating a Life of Peace and Ease now through Self-Discovery

A talk by Trish Rock
Intuitive Guide for Aware Women, Spiritual Guide | Psychic | Mentor | Author | Speaker

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Trish Rock | Trusted Intuitive Guide for Aware Women seeking their Light & Purpose. Trish helps give assurity and calm to women and remove the overwhelm in the discovery of self. She works with you to boost your confidence, be a conduit and interpreter to your unique needs and desires and give you a loving energetic embrace of peace while you discover your deeper Truth. Trish is a passionate Psychic, Change Maker, Holistic Counsellor, Speaker & Best Selling Author, Holistic Health and WellBeing practitioner, Meditation channel and holds a Post Grad in Mind Body Medicine. ~~Named one of the 8 Female CHANGEMAKERS for 2020 as named in YMag ~~ ~~Enlightened Changemaker for 2020 in Holistic Bliss Magazine~~ ~~Producer/Host of TrishRockTV~~

Imagine this: Waking up each day excited for the possibilities, curious about the joy you will experience and eager to say yes to the opportunities that are unfolding….

Does this feel like a life that other people have, and not you?

A life that feels empty, overwhelming and disconnected is exactly where I was too but now, I live a life filled with adventure, opportunity, purpose, passion and joy!

And you can too.

All it takes is a decision to say YES to YOU! The journey of Self Discovery will then take you to incredible places you forgot existed, within you and in your reality, bringing more peace, prosperity, purpose, security and love.

In this 60 minute talk I will show you the 5 Keys to activating a life you desire.

Experiencing more peace, joy and abundance and less overwhelm and emptiness.

Do you feel like you have no control right now in your life or on what happens to you next in life? This is what you will learn and uncover so you can take back your power and live the life you dream of and desire! 1. The First Steps on the Path of Self Discovery 2. Say Yes to Life: Choosing, Forgiving, and Moving on 3. Is it Overwhelm or Separation that I am feeling? 4. The Power of Breath, Silence and Self-Reflection 5. Discover how to shift the old beliefs that are blocking your Purpose, Passion and Vision

When you have these 5 keys to Self Discovery, peace and less overwhelm, you will never look back and life will feel different, with your curiosity for the possibilities in life activated.

Join me for this Self Discovery journey and begin your transformation from overwhelm to peace, calm and freedom.

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20 Minute Discovery Call

In this 20 minutes together, I will give you an interpretation from my guides and your higher self to discover what area of life is currently stuck and what steps you can take right now to feel less overwhelm, bring back more calm and peace and feel more in alignment.

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